Which ecommerce platform doesn’t offer a free trial? Read and discover more difference between Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise!
Let’s face it – ecommerce is a booming business and the sooner you accept this fact, the better for your business, brand, and customers. It is predicted that the number of shopping buyers browsing and purchasing online will reach 270 million by 2020. All business owners and prospective entrepreneurs can build an online store for a great price (much less than opening a physical store).
The biggest problem, however, is which ecommerce platform to use to set up your ecommerce store.
If you analyze the options available, the chances are you will end up with two of the best options on the market Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise.
As every business owner and beginner in Australia, we suppose you want to try the platform before you buy it. Keep reading this article to find out which ecommerce solution doesn’t offer a free trial and discover some other differences between Magento and Shopify.
Ecommerce solution Shopify has a few pricing plans and packages and Shopify Plus is just one of them. The Basic Shopify plan is more suitable for startups and small businesses and costs $29 a month. The Shopify Plan starts at $79/month and comes with great features and 5 user accounts. The Advanced Shopify Plan costs $299/month and comes with 15 user accounts. The price for Shopify Plus varies depending on the number of products you want to see, the visitors on your site, and etc. The starting price is around $1000/month.
Magento’s pricing is more expensive. The Enterprise plan costs around $18.000 a year. There is also a free option called Magento Community and this is more suitable for small businesses (this plan doesn’t include any kind of support).
Shopify is a very user-friendly platform and you don’t need any web development skills to navigate it. The Shopify templates are mobile responsive making is simpler and quicker for customers to shop your items using their smart devices. There are some great store management features including email templates, customer profiles, refunds, and order fulfillment which allow sellers to learn more about their customers and their shopping behavior.
Magento is a huge ecommerce platform that offers some great features, however, they require investing a lot of time and effort to learn. Magento users are expected to be skillful and tech-savvy, especially if they plan on customizing the store by themselves. Magento offers an option to hire a developer to customize the store for you, however, that can get pricey.
Shopify Plus offers 14-day free trial before buying the software. Entering any credit card information is not necessary. All you need to enter is your email. Magento, on the other side, not only doesn’t offer a free trial but the website is not transparent about the features or the prices without talking to a representative or specialist first. You have to schedule a demo and discuss the prices.
This can be a problem, especially if this is your first time selling your items online. You need to try something first and then decide to buy it. Right?
Depending on which platform to use to set up your online store depends on the size of your business, the features, and budget. You need to gather your team and together decide what is best for your business. Both platforms have their pros and cons and it is important to try out the platforms or consult with a representative from Shopify and Magento before making a final choice.

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