Reasons Why An Ebay Listing Is Suitable For Your Shopify Store

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To have a successful online store, it is vital that you think about beating your competition. In the United States today, the trending news on e-commerce is that Shopify users can have the product on their online stores listed on eBay. Although one has to pay for the service, people who have used it are already sharing their joy with the rest of the world. If Shopify manages to eBay listing feature available for the whole world, e-commerce is going to take an overall new direction, and this is why;

More reach

EBay has more than 170 million users that will be able to access your site when you get it listed on the platform. Don’t forget that anyone who is on eBay is there intending to buy or sell something. This increases the chances of you getting buyers compared to marketing on social media where everybody has their agenda.

Without eBay, reaching out to that number of people is something that can take you a very long time. Through listing on eBay however, even a new website will grow faster because it will be strategically targeting the perfect audience.

Will help handle marketing


To reach out to people online and converting your followers to cash requires patience and planning before you can begin making good profits. However, Shopify is giving people a short cut so that they can sell as fast as possible and make the first profits quickly so that you can expand. In a platform where millions are there to trade, selling should not be any problem. Instead of waiting for buyers to start trickling in, you can find them exactly where they dwell.

Noting is as disappointing as investing in online marketing and still end up selling nothing because you did not do a proper market study to understand your customer and what they need. Even with this knowledge, you will still need to come up with suitable content to convince them. On eBay on the other hand, the buyer already knows that they are shopping from a genuine seller and will not need any other thing other than to check out after finding what they need.

Promotes expansion

The more buyers you get on your online shop, the faster you will expand because you will be able to advance your shop and even diversify your inventory. With enough revenue to support your business already, you will also want to invest in other ways that will bring more market to you other than eBay.

You should, however, know that it may be impossible to steal customers from eBay because most of them never shop from any other platform.  However, the number of sales you should be able to make while getting your products listed on the platform should be enough to help you convert more people on your own.

Allows for immediate takeoff

In the beginning stages of starting an online shop, it usually takes time before you can even process the first order. That is because finding buyers often is difficult because no one wants to buy from a new online shop that they are not also sure that is genuine. When you get you items listed on eBay for instance, you can begin processing orders from the word go. That is because there are higher chances of buyer bumping into your product, especially if it is the ones on high demand.

Since your business will start making you money immediately, you will find it possible to implement the plans you already had leading your online shop to grow faster.

It’s convenient than you think

When people hear that they can sell through eBay using Shopify, they imagine running their online store using two control panels. However, the truth is, when you upload any new product for sale, it is immediately updated on eBay as well. Also, the moment it is sold, the changes are effected on your inventory so that it cannot be resold directly through your account.

In short, as long as you have subscribed for the service and properly installed the eBay app to your Shopify control system, your job is just about done. You will although want to confirm the number of listing you can get with your subscription.

Creates you more time to focus on other things

Running an online shop does not mean that you stop being human. You do have needs and other responsibilities that you will only be able to focus on when your online shop is actively selling to your customers. Instead of stressing while waiting for a stable customer base, you can decide to jump ahead of the race and target serious buyers who want nothing more than to pay for what they came for and leave.

With your shop being able to find customers on its own, you can spend the time you need marketing ton focus on other things like improving the quality of your products. Know that Shopify is also available in the form of an app that you can install on your smart device and use it to monitor your business hence you don’t have to be glued in one place on your computer because you don’t want to miss anything.

You get to participate in the global trade

Selling through eBay allows you to interact with people from different parts of the world. Know that by listing your items on this platform, you can be surprised to find that most of your orders are from a different country and not where you expected to find your market.


The whole world is waiting for the day Shopify will make eBay listing services available for the entire world. With e-commerce slowly facing out the traditional methods of trading, both sellers and buyers are going their experience of selling online because prices are going to be easy to control plus, buyers will have access to more variety of good. No online store will never have the struggle to find buyers by marketing through other platforms like social media.